Digital Detox Destiny Package

Digital Detox Destiny

Stay on the beautiful South Coast at the home of reconnection, and explore the wonders of true connection, by disconnecting from the digital world.  Go cold turkey and sit still getting lost in your present life.   You will be amazed at how quickly you can unplug and find creativity and curiosity in connecting with each other.  Perfect for families who want to get away and get back to basics.  Learn how to build a fire pit, have a nature workshop, coastal walks an astrology map to explore around the fire and choose in advance a paddock to plate menu with all ingredients ready, that involves everyone and will create a nourishing meal for your group or family.   This is the perfect getaway break to emerse yourself in real life and re-energise.

Spoiler alert...we will be asking you to switch off and hand in all devices to a small safe on the property (yes you get to keep the keys) for the true digital detox experience!

All our experiences can be tailored to suit your groups needs.  Send through an enquiry offering a brief on what experience you are after, and we will be intouch with a range of packages and prices and work with you to ensure your group have a wonderful experience showcasing activities and opportunities across the NSW south coast.

Suits groups of 2 - 10 people

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